My New Icon Set!

Lately, I have been working super hard on a new icon set. I have finally finished it, and have posted it on the RealWorld Designer website. You can see it HERE. It is my first set created with mainly Photoshop, something I have been messing around with lately. These icons are based on a web comic called Homestuck, and features 12 of the "troll" characters. Each one is related to one horoscope sign that matches their personality. If you want to read the whole story, you can HERE. The set also includes each symbol on top of the trolls' session game logo. It it also associated with each trolls' special blood color. I hope you guys like the set! Here's a preview:

Happy Valentine's Season!

I apologize about the lack of updates, but I have been very busy. Soon, I hope to add some more features to the site. One of the major ones I plan to add is simple coding tutorials for kids. Most will be web based and in as much detail as possible. I will also be adding more pixels and cursors. Thanks for visiting!